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Certification - Data Analyst Associate - Pet Supplies (copy)


Data Analyst Associate Practical Exam Submission

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Task 1

*Write your answer here*a) The values do not match the table, some values are missing. b) The number of missing items was presented in 3 columns: Product_id(27 values), Rating (150 unlisted) and Price (150) c) As a solution to the problem and to match the table, they were changed as follows: -product_id :Missing values should be replaced with “Unknown”. -rating: Missing values should be replaced with 0. -price : Missing values should be replaced with the overall median price.

Task 2

a) b) Here we can see, Toys, Snacks, Equipments are the popular products from the first graph, also majority of the products are not being rebought in these category.

Task 3

There are more sales in the purchase of equipment for cats

Task 4

The popular products are equipments, Snacks, toys, medicine and food, which are being purchased again and again. and that excludes supplements, grooming products, lying somewhere low in this hit list. Grooming and supplements for pets are needed in daily life too.Pet acessories in the subscription box added could increase the sales of accesories while making the box more interesting and variant. We can not entirely rely upon products which are being purchased more than once.

Popular products, being purchased more than once along with some other products needed in daily life should be added too in the subscription box.

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