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Introduction to SQL


Intermediate SQL Queries

Here you can access every table used in the course. To access each table, you will need to specify the cinema schema in your queries (e.g., for the reviews table.

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Explore Datasets

Use the tables to explore the data and practice your skills!

  • Select the film_id, imdb_score, and num_votes in the reviews table.
    • Filter your results for records where:
      • The imdb_score is greater than 8.
      • The number of votes (num_votes) is more than 1 million (1000000).
  • Return the average cost to make a movie (budget) by the country of origin in the films table.
    • Exclude NULL values in the budget column.
    • Order your results by the average budget in descending order.
  • Return the language, total budget (aliased as total_budget), and total gross (aliased as total_gross) from the films table.
    • Filter the records for films with a duration greater than 90.
    • Only include languages where the total gross is over 1 million (1000000).
    • Order your results by the total gross in descending order.
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