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PostgreSQL Summary Stats and Window Functions


PostgreSQL Summary Stats and Window Functions

Here you can access the summer_medals table used in the course. To access the table, you will need to specify the medals schema in your queries (e.g., medals.summer_medals).

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DataFrameavailable as
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FROM medals.summer_medals
This query is taking long to finish...Consider adding a LIMIT clause or switching to Query mode to preview the result.

Explore Datasets

Use the summer_medals table to explore the data and practice your skills!

  • Select the athlete, event, and year from the summer_medals table.
    • Add another column, previous_winner, which contains the previous winner of the same event.
    • Filter your results for gold medalists.
  • Return the year, total number of medalists per year, and running total number of medalists in the history of the Summer Olympics.
    • Order your results by year in ascending order.
  • Return the country, year, and the number of gold medals earned.
    • Limit your results to the years 2004, 2008, and 2012.
    • Each country should have a subtotal of all gold medals earned across the three years.
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