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Workspace Hackathon - Extract topics from customer reviews! (DO NOT DELETE)


Workspace Hackathon - Extract topics from customer reviews!


You work for the data team of a large amusement park chain. You have access to a vast dataset of customer reviews from locations all over the world. Although the analytics team has already analyzed and reported on the numeric ratings, nobody has worked with the review text itself! Your manager has tasked you with extracting additional insights from the review data. Specifically, they are curious about the following:

  • What are the most popular topics mentioned in the reviews?
  • How do these topics relate to the scores given by users?
  • How do these topics differ by park branch and reviewer location?

Submission requirements

Your report should not only include your methodology and findings, but also actionable recommendations based on your results. How can senior management utilize your insights to improve the experience for future visitors?

# Import the tidyverse

# Load the csv as a data frame and preview it
reviews <- read.csv("park_reviews.csv")
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