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Writing Efficient Python Code


Writing Efficient Python Code

Run the hidden code cell below to import the data used in this course.

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# measuring time of one line code

#can be used -r (for the number of runs), and -n (the number of loops)
%timeit -r 5 -n 10 [*range(1, 51, 2)]

# double percentage sign is used to measure multiline code like functions

# Add your code snippets here
%load_ext line_profiler
%lprun -f <function_name> <function_name(arg, arg1)>

# to use the memory profiler the file needs to be in the same directory
from <file_name> import <function_name>
%load_ext memory_profiler
%mprun -f <function_name> <function_name(arg, arg1)>
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