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Introduction to SQL


Introduction to SQL

Here you can access the books table used in the course.

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Add notes about the concepts you've learned and SQL cells with queries you want to keep.

Rows= Records Columns = Fields

VARCHART for long texts fields INT for long numbers up to 2B NUMERIC for long numbers with decimals up to 32 after the decimal

  • brings all the data in the table Make lowercases the fields of data that follows the Coding Command

Aliasing: renames columns. Should have AS Distinct: to show no repeat values. Should have DISTINCT View: refers to a table that is the result of a saved SQL SELECT statement. The Query is stored. Should have CREATE VIEW

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Unknown integration
DataFrameavailable as
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FROM books
This query is taking long to finish...Consider adding a LIMIT clause or switching to Query mode to preview the result.

Explore Datasets

Use the books table to explore the data and practice your skills!

  • Select only the title column.
  • Alias the title column as book_title.
  • Select the distinct author names from the author column.
  • Select all records from the table and limit your results to 10.
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