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Analyzing Student's Mental Health - Guided


Does going to university in a different country affect your mental health? A Japanese international university surveyed its students in 2018 and published a study the following year that was approved by several ethical and regulatory boards.

The study found that international students have a higher risk of mental health difficulties than the general population. Explore the students data using PostgreSQL to find out if this is true and see if the length of stay is a contributing factor.

Here is a data description of the fields you may find helpful. The full dataset is in one table with 50 fields and, according to the survey, 268 records. Each row is a student.

Field NameDescription
inter_domTypes of students
japanese_cateJapanese language proficiency
english_cateEnglish language proficiency
academicCurrent academic level
ageCurrent age of student
stayCurrent length of stay in years
todepTotal score of depression (PHQ-9 test)
toscTotal score of social connectedness (SCS test)
toasTotal score of Acculturative Stress (ASISS test)

Your task will be to do the following exploratory analysis:

  • Count the number of all records, and all records per student type
  • Filter the data to see how it differs between the student types
  • Find the summary statistics of the diagnostic tests for all students
  • Summarize the data for international students
  • See if length of stay impacts the test scores
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